Friday, August 21, 2015

Dying wool with rhubarb leaves

I´ve stumbled over some blogs/comments where people dye their wool with natural materials. Of course I can´t just read it and think "oh, nice". Nope! I have to scour my garden to find something suitable. Easy! I have two huge rhubarb plants (hubby makes the most delicious rhubarb cake and we make rhubarb-strawberry jam, too) So, two days ago I hacked a lot of the leaves into small bits and cooked them for one hour. Strained the liquid (still had some veg matter in it - next t...ime have to take a strainer with smaller holes). Watered the wool for a couple of hours. Put the wool into the rhubarb "soup" for another hour. Let it cool and rinsed it. Here is the result. I love it! It has a golden-yellow colour. I tested two different wools and one Merino-silk mix (the left one). Now I´m on the hunt for some Alum, which is usually needed to prepare the wool for dyes, and some birch bark.

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Giac said...

Hello Christine,
The color you got is beautiful. Well done.
Big hug