Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Little Witch in Pink

Little witch in 1/12th scale (about 3 inches tall), one-of-a-kind, made of polymer clay with posable arms. Everything handmade by me!


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Federbärchen said...

Liebe Christine,
habe Deine Hexe schon auf Facebook bewundert und finde sie einfach nur wunderbar - ein Kunstwerk in dieser Minigröße!
Auch die Fotos mit dem Hexenhäuschen im Hintergund passen perfekt zusammen. Ganz großes "Gefällt mir seeeehr"!
Liebe Grüße

The Old Maid said...

Great colours and she is cuteee!

NarinaNäpertää said...

My goddess...!
How cute is she!!! (**)
Oooh... what I would give to have a talent like yours ¤sigh¤
I don't usually care much for pink, but that shade is lovely.
Is it okay to say "sweet as candy" about a witch?? =0}
Truly a lovely work.
Hugs, Irina

CWPoppets said...

Thank you soooo much! Pink isn´t my favourite color either but she insisted to wear pink. :-)