Thursday, May 15, 2014

Summer Coats for a cold and rainy May

The last couple of days I've nearly frozen my ears off while going for a walk with my doggies. It was 5 degree (Celsius) and raining heavily! Even my dogs wanted to get home to sit in front of the oven.
As I do have enough jackets and coats I thought some summer coats for 12th scale dolls were in order. ;-)


Fabiola said...


Giac said...

Hello Christine,
The coats are wonderful. I love your choice of fabrics, but I hope the weather heats up for you soon.
Big hug,

Ilona said...

Hi Christine! I like these summer coats, they are so well made and beautiful, thanks for sharing :)!
Well, over here we had the very same cold and very wet weather, I also have enough of it :(! But next week(end) seems to be sunny and a bit warmer, so maybe it will come your way too :D!
Liebe Grüsse, Ilona