Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cleaning out my closet ... ahem ... studio

How many of you have had the New Year's resolution "my studio needs to look more orderly"?
Ok, I admit it. Me, too!
And busy I have been.
I started with a welcoming sign for the numerous guests who find their way to my studio!

I then tried to tell hubby that I do not need every package and scrap of styrofoam he can find dumped into my studio. No, I'm definitely not Amazon. Even though it looked like it at some time.

Next step was to get rid of the huge heap of wool stored in a bin for my needle felting projects. Have any of you experienced that whenever you are looking for a specific color or fibre it is ALWAYS at the bottom of the bin? So you go diving into that bin head first, throwing out all other wool scraps to find that little bit of wool you need. Not to mention that this heap is growing magically.
No, no I can't remember buying more wool roving. Oh, wait ... yes there was that tiny order ...ahem.
First action was to start needle felting again after more than a year. For that reason I had to buy another gadget, of course. An electric needle felting tool. I love it! It's called AddiQuick. It is horribly loud but if you just keep the volume up on your sound system it works just fine. :-) ... wonder when my neighbour complains about it?
But needle felting I do. Planets for my little boy. A new huge project that is so secret I would have to shoot you if I tell you. A modern miniature chair for my dollhous, and last but not least all the UFO's lying around in my house. But this is for another post...

Needle felting all that wool into objects and buying a brand new shelf will get (hopefully) rid of that huge pile of wool in a bin. Look at my progress!

Before ...

After ....

To be continued ....  ;-)


Giac said...

Hello Christine,
The studio is looking better already. It is such a long task...but so worth it. I just caught up on your posts and I musts ay your Victorian dress on a mannequin made my jaw drop...Gorgeous!
Big hug,

CWPoppets said...

Ahh, thank you Giac!

Lady Jane said...

Your work shop is looking great. I have yet to try felting but I will sooner or later. Enjoy your clean space. It always is nice to work in a clean area. Something I wouldn't know anything about tight now, lol...