Monday, December 16, 2013

Curvy Mannequins / Dress Forms

For a long time I haven't made any costumes on a mannequin. Why?
There were no mannequins who were either payable or really 1:12th scale scale.
But about half a year ago I found a wonderful tiny mannequin from McQueenie Miniatures. I love their miniatures and bought a whole stash of them.
OK, so I started making costumes! It may sound weird but I was (still am) in love with my dresses. Just love to pick up the needle, go through my fabric for hours and spend my nights looking at all these fabulous dresses from past and present.
 But for a while now something started to niggle in the back of my mind. And then I knew what it was. I want a female dress form! I mean a "real" female dress form! Not some 19 year old fashion model. ;-)
Something with boobs and a belly and a nice butt!
Out with Apoxie Sculpt and on with the ... aaahhh .... forms.
Now I need to test my new mannequins and perhaps I should try to make some molds from it.

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Ilona said...

Hi Christine, that is a good idea! I also have one of those mannequins, but their forms.....aren't quite realistic, I agree with you.
I can't wait to see the new dresses. I am in the sewing mode too, I have seen too many Christmas socks now ;)!
Hugs, Ilona