Friday, May 10, 2013

Neustadt Puppenfestival

Yesterday was "father's day", an official holiday in Germany. I was lucky and my in-laws took care of my children. So I hired hubby as a driver and fotographer and off we went to Neustadt.
Because this week Neustadt and surroundings were the hub for dolls,reborns and teddy bears.
I wasn't good enough this time to win the dolls Oscar but I wanted to see the dolls. AND my figure that won last year was on the brochure for this year. I was so happy!!!
 Here are some of the dolls:

I also went  to the Museum of the Toy Industry in Neustadt and fullfilled myself a long existing wish. I bought one of the wonderful woven baskets of Waldemar Backert. This friendly 82 year old gentleman has started as a "real" basket maker. His father already had a basket shop in 1904. Now he is working mainly in 1:12th scale. Look at his wonderful work. It's amazing.

I also found some nice fabric and eyes galore.


Sans! said...

Your dolls will win again :). Thanks you for sharing the wonderful pictures!

Ilona said...

Hi Christine, it is wonderful to read you went to Neustadt to see all those fantastic dolls, they look fabulous! Your purchases are wonderful too, the geese in the basket are really beautiful. I'll go and visit the link.
Hugs, Ilona

Giac said...

Hi Christine,
What amazing pictures! It is wonderful that you wonderful work should be in the pamphlet, congratulations. I cannot wait to see what you come up with for those wonderful pieces you purchased.
Big hug,

A Magical Whimsy said...

This is an exquisite doll show. Thank you for posting these amazing photos.
I don't even think New York City can boast about anything this special as far as one-of-a-kind art doll events go.
I really like your blog.
Teresa in California