Sunday, May 19, 2013

Das Lied vom traurigen Sonntag

Strange title, isn't it ? It is German and means "Gloomy Sunday".
It's a song written by a Hungarian Pianist in 1933. I love this song. Even before I had MY Gloomy Sunday.
I've heard this song first as Bjorks version. But - the hidden drama queen in me :-) loves the version that I show here by Diamanda Galas. If you would like to hear it click on the picture.

I'm sitting here in my studio. It's Sunday night and I feel a bit lonely and sad.
I'm not really lonely. My little boy and my baby girl are sleeping in their rooms, thank goodness ;-).
My dog (who is still recovering from a serious food poisoning) is lying on the sofa.
My cat is purring by my feet.
Sounds lovely but still ... I'm not happy at all.
My hubby is lying in a hospital bed right now in a pretty bad condition. Yesterday was a sunny and warm day and he wanted to have a quick "test drive" with our motorcycle. Two hours later I was called by the hospital. Not a nice feeling I can tell you.
He has his collarbone shattered, broken a couple of rips, has bruises all over , ...and they still don't know if his splenic/milt (is that the right word?) is torn. He'll have surgery on Wednesday.
I'm usually not talking about my family. But they are very important to me. I met hubby at University and even though he is away most of the time (we both work as Consultants) he is a fabulous father and husband.

As I can't sleep anyhow I just finished my latest doll. The Gymnast. I hope you like her.


The Old Maid said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Hope your husband will get well soon.

The Gymnast is a pretty girl and I like a lot the way you posed her.:)

Giac said...

Hello Christine,
I am sorry that your family has to got hrough sush a difficult time. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope your husband will have a quick and speedy recovery. Take care of yourself and I send you all the strength you need!
Big hug,

Giac said...

Hello again,
The gymnast is gorgeous!
Big hugs

Jesus nuñez said...

Hi Cristina,
I am Jesus Nuñez, I am a follower of your work and blog, I regret the accident of her husband and I hope he recovers soon.


Ilona said...

Hi Christine, I just read about your husbands accident, how awful! I hope your husband will have a quick and speedy recovery. Your family and you will be in my thoughts.
Your newest doll, the gymnast is wunderschön, fantastic work. I love her position.
Take good care of yourself. Hugs, Ilona

Woolytales Miniatures said...

Dearest Christina,

i am so very sorry to hear about your husband and you have all the right to feel like you do now. I am Thankful and happy for you for having your lovely children , they will help you at this time , just by stay around you showing their love. I trust your husband is already recovering as I see the surgery was this past wednesday.
please keep us informed?

Your doll is sweet and clever ... I could never attempt such position... too difficult...

Sans! said...

Your doll is a work of art, dear Christine.

I am so glad that by the time I read this post, hubby is home and getting better. No extreme sports for a while eh?

Take care of yourself, Christine :). And yes, I'll say it again, pamper yourself so you can last the distance.

And a speedy (sic) recovery to your hubby! :)