Monday, April 8, 2013

Big Project

Hello all! No, I didn't give up on my passion for doll making. In fact I've been really busy lately.
I've been working on a big project. It consist of four dolls and a vehicle.
My story plays during the 30 years war. It's the year 1624 somewhere in Europe. It's about a family.
And here the first figure:

No, no ... I won't tell her name or story yet ... ;-)
More to come next time.


PILAR6373 said...

La primera muñeca de la familia es preciosa,espero ver el resto pronto junto con las carretas!! Un bello proyecto!!

Ilona said...

Hi Christine, your dolls looks fantastic! Is that the vehicle you wrote about at the background?
Hugs, Ilona

Giac said...

Hello Christine,
I cannot wait to hear her story. she is beautiful and I love the expression in her face.
Fantastic job, but then again I expect nothing less of you.
Big hug,

Sans! said...

Christine, your dolls are always seem special to me because they are so different. This one has such expressive eyes. She's also like a real person, with flaws just like a real person. I hope you don't mind I say that but I say it as a compliment. Those flawless dolls to me have no character, unlike yours. I think she is beautiful and i can see stories in her eyes.