Sunday, April 21, 2013

Big Project No.3

E. is the older brother of S.C. and K. He was fathered by some soldier. If you have followed the story so far you will have noticed that every single child has a different father.
E. was the first to leave his mother and join the army. He was seen as a war hero first being really successful and esteemed by his superiors. But things change.
When there was a (short) time of peace he didn't change his behaviour. E. murdered an innocent woman while caught stealing from her. Was it just to get some food on the table or was it because it was a way of living? Having been a hero he did the same things and has even been honored? What's the difference?
Just remember. I'm talking about a story long past. We are talking about the year 1632. ;-)
He is exectuted shortly after commiting his crime. His mother never had the chance to see him one last time.
So, do you know what story I'm talking about?

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Sans! said...

I love these stories except that they are too short! I just want to keep reading. Make them longer please :):).

Your dolls are just wonderful and with that stories, who can forget them?

May very well be your masterpieces, Christine!