Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weathering an Outhouse / Privy

My cow shed scene is making progress. Slowly but surely ....
One of the "items" in my farm scene is an outhouse. It is going to stand next to the cow shed for "der Bauer" (the farmer) to use it.
 Now came the funny part. First I painted it swedish red. The roof is black.
I'm not having a lot of experience (none actually) with aging miniatures but I was looking closely at all this fantastic idea's of other miniaturists. Hi, Sans! ;-)  To make it look "weathered" I rummaged around in my stash of paints and found an old bottle of black 3D paint. I bought that a while ago at Michaels. I never understood for what it is being used actually. It say's for fabric?

I took a bit of kitchen tissue and smeared it onto the painted wood while the red paint was still wet. A soft brush is having the same effect. Just don't make it too "orderly".
 Next step was to give it some more patina on the roof and the wet and shadowy north side. I bought something called weathering powder "lichen". Railway modellers are using them for their landscaping. I mixed it with matte varnish and applied it. I don't know why but it looks a lot nicer and more realistic in reality. The photo somehow makes it different.
I painted a little nest with swallow's and attached it to the outhouse.
Last but not least "der Bauer" (the farmer's) dirty boots with the socks in it. I didn't dare to look into the outhouse. In case he is sitting in there without his boots ... ;-)


Mins said...

That looks fantastic, you did a great job with the weathering! I've never tried weathering yet either and it looks quite tricky but you certainly pulled it off!
How cute is the little heart cutout in the door, so sweet little farmer gets the sun light coming inside just like a real one! It's just adorable now it's completed!
Hugs, Mins xx

elis said...

It looks great. Congratulations.

Giac said...

Hello cristine,
Well done. It looks absolutely beautiful and very realistically aged. you really transformed the product. I love your color choices.
Big hug,

Ascension said...

Que buen y realista trabajo has hecho, me imagino que por eso no te atreves a entrar jejejeje
besitos ascension

Drora's minimundo said...

Great painting job! I love the swallow and the nest. I wonder why the farmer left his boots outside. Was he afraid to dirty the outhouse floor? or is that the sign that the place is occupied. The boots with the socks are absolutely a great touch to this little scene.
Hugs, Drora

Sans! said...

Hi Christine!!!!!!!!!! *wave wave

I think I know what der Bauer is thinking. There's something about sitting on the "throne" nakkkkkkid :):):). Who needs boots ..heh heh :).

Christine, fabulous job with the weathering. Just keep doing more and you will find weathering one of the easiest things to do :). Way way way easier than making the kind of gorgeous dolls you do. I think all outdoor privies should be red so that you can spot it a mile off when you are in an "emergency" :). So perfect colour choice !

Sara said...

lovely!! great.

Ilona said...

Hi Christine! You've made a lot of progress since my last visit. The privy looks great, the weathering/aging is fantastic, well done. Love those swallows at the side :D Those dirty boots......and you who didn't dare to look inside: great :D!!
It looks fantastic so far, great job!
Hugs, Ilona