Friday, January 18, 2013

nekkid cow

Last week I desperately tried to give poor little Marta her fur.
It is getting colder lately with some snow for a change to the rain we had all the time.
It all started out pretty nicely with painting her hoofs, horns, the nose and finally the pattern onto her. But then somehow it went bad. First I've been using some white unknown sheep's wool that covered my whole studio with a layer of white mist. I flocked her with it about half way just to see that all the nice detail of her body was lost. Ok, off with it!

Next, I've been cutting Eider Wool (a German sheep) into tiny tiny material and applied it. It made Marta look like an ice bear and not a proud Holstein cow. So what to do?
I went head first into my huge - and I mean - huge bin of wool rovings and came up with Kapok. Kapok is the fibre of a tropical tree.

It has a more yellowish color to it but it is unbelievable soft and shiny. Unfortunately it is also unbelievable light which isn't a good thing as I couldn't breathe for three hours while applying the fur. ;-)
I'll have to find a different white wool to apply my animals with!
Anyhow, Marta stay's with me in her (hopefully soon) new cow shed exactly as she looks like now.


The Old Maid said...

Furred or not she is cute anyway!:)

Giac said...

Hello Cristine,
I honestly don't think I would have the patience for a job like this. I think she turned out pretty well. I hope the next one will be less difficult...Have you ever seen Cranford where a cow has the hair burnt off in a sulphur pit...the owner makes it a one piece pyjama...
Big hug,

Mins said...

Oh your cow is so sweet! The time and effort you are putting into her is really paying off, she is so adorable. I really enjoyed reading this post, I've never tried flocking myself so it's interesting to know what to and not to use. Picturing you head first in the bin looking for the kapok was a funny image... And the fibre dust situation that followed... I just had to have a giggle there!
Hugs, Mins xxx

CWPoppets said...

I do not have that patience either, Giac! I was so tempted to put poor Marta into the garbage bin. She wouldn't be the first to suffer that fate. ;-)
But the cow with the pj's. Uh,uh ... looks like another funny project that I would love to make!

Drora's minimundo said...

It was worth the trouble. Poor Marta looks cute.
Hugs, Drora

Ilona said...

Oh Christine, Marta looks so cute, she is wonderful! I agree with Mins, I also had to giggle when you told us about the fur wool everywhere :D!! I think it is quite a difficult job?
Hugs, Ilona

Woolytales Miniatures said...

Christine, Christine you got me now!! I love love cows and Marta is adorable!!!
Thank you for your kind comments and for taking time from your busy life to visit me! I feel loved!

Sans! said...

teeheehee..your cow is ADORABLE!!! I have always loved your dolls/animals because you give them such unique expressions. Don't you dare junk this one, dearie.

I want to learn to fur one day. I love having animals in my project. O yes, forgot to tell you that the bird nest with the birds you painted is just darling!