Friday, September 14, 2012


Life has been a bit hectic lately.
I've been busy
- taking care of a very demanding five-year-old on vacation for weeks
- sitting on cold floors for hours at an animal hospital, covered in dirt and other unmentionable things, because both of my pets (cat and dog) have been sick. Did I mention I've learned how to inject medicine and help by radiation now?
- travelling around the world
- sleeping in too narrow and/or smelly beds and airplanes (not my favourite place, I can tell you!)
- waking up and wondering at what place I'm actually are.
- eating very good and very bad food
- having to cope with completely different cultures, people and climates.
- celebrating a New Year (more about this at my next post!)
- seeing a very important person for the first time (sorry to be so secretive, but I can't tell you just yet)
- having my first school day (ok, it's actually my son's first day at school but I was as nervous as he was, I guess:-) )
- oh yes and there was: having a job somewhere between all this, too.
No time for miniatures at all!
But now things are calming down.
I've nearly succeeded with getting my family (and myself) to behave normal again, coping with a mountain of dirty laundry (forgot to make a picture of that, believe me ... you would pity me! lol...) and keeping up with everything else.
So I hope I can spend some nice and quiet evenings making dolls and miniatures again next week.
For now I would like to show you pictures of my trip to Belgium.
Please click on the funny little guy to get to the slideshow.
Wish you a wonderful weekend!

Oh, and I did remove the unreadable number and letter thingy. 
So you can comment now without the risk of becoming cross-eyed ,-)


The Old Maid said...

What an interesting life you have, Christine! I am a bit jealous about that trip around the world...;) Thank you for sharing your photos with us!

Mins said...

Oh dear, things sound like they have been extremely hectic indeed for you lately!! I loved your photos of Belgium, thanks so much for sharing them with us :D
I really hope things do settle down soon for you and you can unwind with your mini-makes!
Hang in there!
Hugs, Mins xxx

Kikka said...

Well about the New Year :) :
I did read about your trip around the world and saw your beautiful pictures from Belgium..
Thank you for sharing..
I did already put the link into my blog....please count me in.

Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

You celebrated the New Year at the airport or in Izrael. Beautiful doll. I'll take my chance. Thank you for your giveaway! Natalia

Sans! said...

Around the world??? I want to hear all about it! Where? Apart from Belgium that is.

Love the pictures of the sand sculptures and the wooden houses and teehee yes, Kikka, those BH chocolates are "tittilating" :):):).

Never been to Belgium but my brother did and he bought me this really cool dragon lamp that I absolutely love :). I look forward to hearing all about the trip.