Thursday, August 30, 2012

Modern High Chair

Some of you will know that I love and collect modern miniature whenever possible. Unfortunately there are still not too many modern miniatures on the market. So when I stumbled over McQueeny Miniatures and saw their old fashioned high chair I couldn't resist asking if they would consider making me a modern one. Bernard was fascinated by the design and ... voila ... here it is!
It is an exact replica of a German made modern high chair. It is pretty much the same my son used to sit in. I guess I have to buy a modern house soon if I continue finding such treasures. :-)

Oh, and I'm terribly sorry but I had to put that darn word thingy into comments. I'm drowning in spam.



Giac said...

Hello Christine,
It is wonderful. I've never seen one like it in miniature. The design and the finish is just perfect.
Enjoy it.
Big hugs,

The Old Maid said...

Wow! So cool! Love this one! Lucky you, Christine!:)

Mins said...

That is so adorable Chris! I'm very jealous, it looks so real and will be perfect in your mini nursery!
Yay for you for thinking up modern ideas, we sure do need a bigger market available.
Hugs & kisses,
Mins xxx

elvira said...

Bellissima miniatura!!! Mi piace tanto!!!

MALINIK said...

Hi Christine,
the chair is so beautiful! Yes, maybe a new modern house will be good idea!

Kikka said...

Happy I found your Blog.
The chair is SO Cool!!!
I also love Modern miniatures. They are quite difficult to find also here where I live.
I have bought some when travelling somewhere else.

Sans! said...

What an unusual chair! And so practical. It's adjustable right?

I took out the word verification and yes, I was spammed too but only in email. Blogger has marked it as spam automatically. I will see how long I can last :).

O yes, if you choose moderate comments for old posts, that helps a bit too (in not publishing the comments but they still show in your mailbox.)