Monday, July 30, 2012

Outdoor Sofa

Hello out there,I hope you are all having a nice summer?
Even though in my part of the world it is too cold and rainy this year I found a nice tutorial for  this sofa in a German miniature magazine. I just have to look at it and can feel the sun.;-)

I just thought that I would like to have a very quick and easy give away.
Ina just commented that she thinks the second pillow is cute. So for Ina and the next two people who comment here I will make you a pillow. Just tell me which one you would like (the romantic one with the roses or the blue beach chairs) and give me your address at and I will send them to you!


MALINIK said...

It's really a beautiful sofa and I like the second pillow -cute :)

The Old Maid said...

Great sofa! I would have a problem to choose, they all are cute!:)

Ilona said...

What a cosy sofa to take a nap :D! I could use a good rest after making a lot of miniature flowers! The pillows are lovely too, especially the one with the beach chairs and the parasol!
Greetings, Ilona

Ascension said...

Aunque he llegado tarde jeje y ya han ganado esas tres amigas, te tengo que decir que tu sofa y tus cojines hacen un precioso conjunto, enhorabuena.
besitos ascension

Sans! said...

A super comfy daybed! Very very pretty too which is more important than comfy. hahaha :)

Gosia Suchodolska said...

Hi.I love sofas and yours is so original. It looks great with the pillows. I also like the way you photographed it. Hugs.

Giac said...

Hello CW,
The sofa really is beautiful. I am very impressed by your pillows. Beautiful work.
I hope the weather gets better for you soon.

Ilona said...

Hi Christine, I tried to email you but it did not work out. I had a pc crash in the last month and my mail is not funtioning well. I am so sorry for this conveniance.
Please, can you mail me, then I can give you my address? My emailaddress is under the header of my blog.
Greetings and thanks again, Ilona