Wednesday, May 9, 2012

spiral staircase

I love spiral staircases. Alway's have. I even considered putting one up in my bedroom. My real sized bedroom. So when I found this kit from rusticcocoon I had to buy it. It was easier to assemble than I thought and I treated it with cherry stain and white paint. And doesn't it look good? I don't have a house or even a room for it but I think it would look good for showing off my dolls/animals/miniatures.


Giac said...

It looks beautiful. I love the color and I think it would make a wonderful display.
VERY well done!

Sans! said...

I clicked funny because the fact that you bought a spiral staircase even though you have no home for t tickled me because I will totally do that too :)

Ascension said...

Es preciosa y has hecho bien en comprarla y hacerla.
Seguro que la podras aprovechar para lucir tus trabajos mas pequeños.
besitos ascension

CWPoppets said...

Thank you! I'm not very talented when it comes to wood working. So I'm happy it turned out nicely.
Sans --- some people would call us irrational but I would say we are foresighted. Can I say that, is that even a word?
We know that one day we need it ... whatever it is we are buying or making. hehehe