Thursday, May 31, 2012

Neustadt, the Second

Oh, dear. Time flies. But better late then never I guess.
So here are some more pictures from my trip to Neustadt.
The next day after the Award we went to the Toy Museum of Sonneberg. It isn't allowed to take pictures but I just couldn't resist taking this one of Gulliver. This figure is huge and has been made around 1840. The tiny figures are made of dough. They still look awesome.

I also had a looong chat with a really nice maker of marionettes who developed a completely new way of making marionettes. They move so natural you won't believe it. You can find him here.
After that we braved the cold and visited Neustadt downtown which transformed into a huge flea market mainly for dolls, dollhouses and antiques.
 As I didn't buy a lot there (just some feathers, cheap miniatures and fabric) I couldn't resist driving to the town of Lauscha which is famous for their glass production. They also have slate there and the houses are covered in them. It looks a bit creepy, don't you think?

The shops were really worth the drive and I bought a couple of things.

The two strange looking things on the right side are a german speciality called "chocolate kisses" or "chocolate marshmallows". They are eggwhite and sugar covered with chocolate - in this case white and brown chocolate - and taste just ... mmmmhhh.

Oh and yes, I completely forgot that most people don't even know how I look. If you go down to the last post you can see the official photo. I'm the one standing next to the doll fairy (second to the left). Of course they chose the picture where I wasn't laughing. I just couldn't keep my lips frozen in the smile position after 15 minutes... lol


Giac said...

Hi CW,
Great pictures. It looks like you had a great trip. The Gulliver doll is great.
Have a good day,

The Old Maid said...

Thank you for sharing your trip!

Ascension said...

Gracias por compartir, me han encantado las fotografias y los enlaces.
besitos ascension

Sans! said...

Ahhhh, so that's you! I have to admit, you look waaaaaaaaaaaaaay prettier than I had imagined and in my head, you were already good looking :).

A fair devoted to dolls and dollhouses???! WOW! I love those slate houses. I use slates in my garden and am amazed at how well kept these houses are because they are not easy to maintain!