Monday, March 12, 2012

Short trip to London

Hubby and me and 5-year-old have been to London. I love London and hubby humors me and takes me there pretty often. This time we promised our son that he can accompany us (what was I thinking???).
Well, it was different and a bit exhausting but quite nice ... except for the regular hunt for toilets and some meltdowns. Do you know how fast you have to find a toilet when a 5year old tells you "Mommy-I-have-to-pee"? You just run! Believe me. And it is not easy in London to find one. Phew! 
5-year-old loves my camera and his newest discovery is the Zoom. I have about 100 blurry pictures of everything .... lol. But some pictures are amazingly good.I'm usually not into showing private pictures of us but I just have to share this one. It's been taken by my son and I thought it funny get a glimpse of what a little child's viewing angle is.
And then there is the food, of course. I thoroughly miss the food variety we had in Western Canada and try to get my share in London every time. Here is the entrance to Shaka Zulu, an amazing African restaurant.

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