Saturday, February 11, 2012

Old Master's minified - The Pumpkin Seller by Hermann Kern

Right from the beginning of my dollmaking "career" I made dolls from paintings or statues that I liked.
I haven't done any for a long time but when I saw this painting by Hermann Kern (called the pumpkin seller) I immediately knew I would like to replicate it in 3D.

So off I went shopping for a nice table. I found this beautiful white table and it took me some to paint it brown. I have never distressed furniture but I must admit it is quite fun.

I also am not doing food in polymer clay. I leave that to people who really know what they do. :-)
But after painting the table it just had to be filled with something. So here I am making pumpkins, watermelons, peaches .... And then I needed a basket. I'm sure you know what I did. It is far from perfect. But I like it. And when the table was still to empty for my taste I made a little wooden crate with tiny mosaic tiles.

Now the only thing missing is the Pumpkin Seller. ... lol


The Old Maid said...

Can't wait for him!! Is he lying behind the table? LOL!

CWPoppets said...

Yes, it's him. I didn't want to mention it! He doesn't look very dignified ... lol.

Sans! said...

The pumpkin seller has fallen from the table ...that picture was very funny, Christine!

Great job for a 1st try. I am sure your pumpkin seller will be superb!