Thursday, January 5, 2012

Two Chairs and a Winged Settee

As I've been a good girl last year Santa was very nice to me! ;-)
Ok, I admit it! I bought it myself. I've been ogling Kris' furniture for a while now. And every time I'm able to sell something I allow myself to buy miniatures from other artisans. I do have some plans for diffferent scenes and love to browse the internet for the right things. So when I saw Kris' blog I immediately thought of my planned Carl Larsson inspired living room. I already bought a lovely oven from Mollamari a while ago and I'm getting impatient to expand my collection. Kris was very patient with me and together we found the perfect fabric for the settee. Just look at it!
It's perfect. I love it.
Then there was "The Chair". I don't know why but I alway's wanted a chair with chinese fabric. I'm really impressed with the patience Kris showed me. If I had been my own customer I'm sure I would have whacked me over the head! I just couldn't find the right fabric. And then Kris went searching for it. And just look at it.
Kris blog can be found at :


The Old Maid said...

I am in love with your multicolour chair and the oven.:)

Ascension said...

Has hecho una compra fantastica, me encantan esos muebles.
besitos ascension

Obscure Creations said...

it seems like your wait on the chair was worth it!

really nice

From Tyla @

Sans! said...

I have never seen a more grand fabric than the Chinese orange one. Like Ewa, I am in love!

MALINIK said...

Great fabric, well done job!:)

chair site said...

Wow! I can't easily notice that those chairs are miniatures when I where first saw it. I just only knew it after reading your blog. Very nice! Great design!