Saturday, October 15, 2011

update on my kitchen

I've been working on my kitchen again. I still don't know what to do with the wall space (cupboards or shelves). There is also bread to be made, a frame to be found and glued on, the fridge to be filled ....

To be continued .... ;-)


Ascension said...

Pero que maravilla, me encantan todos los detallitos que has pueso.
besitos ascension

Rosamargarita said...

Es una cocina preciosa, me encanta la silla!
Un abrazo

ANTONIA said...

Que cocina mas bonita,,,me encanta ,,,besoss

maria said...

Wow, your kitchen is very nice!
I love it all.

MALINIK said...

Nice kitchen!
Ina :)

Lady Jane said...

I love your little kitchen. Cheers. LJ

Sans! said...

Is this how your real life kitchen look like Christine? It looks pretty much complete to me..yes, bread in the basket or maybe some quinces and apples :) or rats and then you will have no need for breads and fruits because the rats would have got to them!

OMG! Is that coffee in the percolator? You have thought of everything! Great kitchen, C!

CWPoppets said...

Rats ??? I do not have any rats in my kitchen *indignantly looking*.
I prefer fruits. The quinces are a great idea, Sans. Thank you. And yes, it's coffee. I redid/repainted a lot of the things in there.
No, I don't have this lovely AGA oven in my real kitchen. Whenever I redo my kitchen I would like to have an AGA oven and a blue kitchen. But as we haven't succeeded in burning it down ... even so we tried twice in two years, lol ... I will have to wait a couple of years.