Friday, September 23, 2011


It's Oktoberfest time! I don't think I have to explain Oktoberfest to anyone. :-) It's famous.
I used to live in Munich right after finishing university and I must admit I started to hate Oktoberfest. I was living only a stones throw away from where Oktoberfest takes place. It was loud, it stank (no, you don't wont to know, believe me ... lol) and I had to get to work and back home by subway which was nearly impossible at that time. Now I can go to Oktoberfest if I want to and I do enjoy it.
And here is my poor waitress having to work in one of the beer tents. If you ever have been to the Oktoberfest and watched these ladies (if you haven't been to drunk to only see till your nose) you really must admire them. It's hard, hard work.


Ascension said...

Te ha salido con caracter jejeje
Feliz fin de semana
besitos ascension

Federbärchen said...

Liebe Christine,
Deine Wies´n-Bedienung ist wirklich super schön geworden, auch die Tracht gefällt mir außerordentlich gut! Zwei meiner Kolleginnen bedienen derzeit auf der Wies´n, der totale Knochenjob, ich möchte nicht mit ihnen tauschen!
Sei lieb gegrüßt und ein schönes Wochenende!

Sans! said...

I really love your series of maids, milk maids, bar maids, beer maids! They look really good and do so have the most genial expressions :).

We know of Oktoberfest even in as far flung place as Singapore. We even celebrate it here in the German pubs or any pubs that want to make money during this time. :)

I am afraid I don't enjoy beer much. Tequila for me anyday!

Craftland said...

Na, die Bedienung hat ganz schön zu tun. Toll gemacht.