Thursday, September 29, 2011

kitchen frenzy

The good thing about miniatures is that you can pretend to be a interior designer without your husband having a nervous breakdown. In my case it is not even possible to move a chair one inch without my husband complaining about it.
Last month I've decided to buy a new kitchen. As my real size kitchen is perfectly fine and there is no reason what-so-ever to renew it I had to stick to a 12th scale kitchen. I found elfminiatures and was hooked immediately.
The bad thing was that I decided to buy the cheaper do-it-yourself solution. Not good for someone who doesn't know the word patience.
Ok, so I've persuaded my hubby to build a roombox (no small feat, I can tell you!) and then I went shopping. I've ordered an AGA oven from Reutters (alway's wanted one in real size!), found the perfect dark blue slate floor and ordered said kitchen from elfminiatures. This is what I found in the package!

First I had to calm down with a glass of red wine. ;-) Then I was contemplating buying a complete kitchen.
 But that wouldn't be very brave. So I read the instructions and I read the instructions and .....Two day's later I started assembling it. Of course it wasn't as if it would fit into the roombox like it was. No, no ... that would be to easy. Either way ... if I succeed or if I throw it in the garbage: you will hear from me soon again.


Sans! said...

Throw it in the garbage? Why???? Throw it my way! I am loving that fridge already and your tiles are pretty nice if you ask me.

CWPoppets said...

Oh, no no it's not about the kitchen itself. I love these tiles and the fridge. And the quality of the elfminiature kitchen is wonderful. But I do have two left hands when it comes to assembling something made of wood!
But I can tell you I'm pretty far already with the kitchen and I'm happy like a clam! Lol ... There definitely will be pictures early next week.

MALINIK said...

Waiting for the new pictures, Christine!
Ina :)