Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Last weekend I've been to Giessen for the "Schoene kleine Welt" miniature fair. Saturday has been wonderful and not many people attended the fair. I did better then some other sellers but it wasn't really exciting. Well, hubby and me had a wonderful and relaxing evening without four-year-old.
AND, of course, I found an interesting prop for a new scene. Yes, it's a Guillotine! Doesn't it look great ... lol. It makes a really mean "plop" when it comes down.
I'm already working on the hangman but have no idea what the poor soon-to-be-headless guy/girl will look like. I don't want to make Marie-Antoinette. That would be to obvious a choice, wouldn't it ?
Hubby found this lovely little rusty water can and bought it for me.
By the way, I can't leave comments on your blogs which is really annoying. I so enjoy reading them. So please don't think I'm not interested in them.


Sans! said...

Coooool! I think it is really well made . You can add blood later :). I see a basket , is that for collecting the head?

I think you should make the king or queen who has beheaded the most people and in your world, he or she is the one under the guillotine. Haha.

cockerina said...

OH! my God! is rather disturbing! the magical world of miniatures, it will be awesome, now, with this sash! ha ha!
Instead of Marie Antoinette, you could put a character really bad, the latest ... Hitler? Bin Laden? ha ha!

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Será una gran escena, me parece muy original y una muy buena idea.