Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lady in Pink Evening Gown

Ok, I have to admit something horrible. ;-)  I have no romantic bone in my body. Not one!
And I'm baffled myself about this doll. I intended to make a haughty woman in a 1920's dress.
Yepp, you're right! It doesn't even come near it.
Like some of my dolls this one has a will of her own. Or is it because I was watching to much of this Will-and-Kate Story ... lol ? Yes, even I was glued to the TV for hours on Friday for the Wedding. And I did sooo enjoy it. :-)


Ascension said...

Tengo que darte la razon......del parece...............pero
A mi me parece que te ha quedado realmente genial, me encanta como la has vestido y ese toque de uñas...preciosa.
Cuando empiezas a modelar algo, parece que al final tiene vida propia jejejeje
besitos ascension

Federbärchen said...

Hallo Christine,
Romantik hin oder her, die elegante Dame ist Dir toll gelungen, sie hätte sich locker unter die Hochzeitsgäste von Kate und William mischen können!
Viele Grüße von Claudia

MALINIK said...

Look romantic to me - great doll!

Sans! said...

Any woman who has a will and a mind of her own deserves my respect :) .