Friday, February 18, 2011

Lord Oglesby

May I introduce Lord Oglesby!
He is a gentleman from England living in the 18th century. He is a very proud man and dresses after the latest fashion. His justaucorps is made of silk, he has finest white stockings and his vest and shoes are finest leather. His costume is refined by silver trim and lace. His wig is a nice shiny black. He only wears a bit of powder and make-up as he thinks he is still attractive enough.

His walking stick has a duck head on top.
He is a 1/12th scale one-of-a-kind miniature doll fully sculpted from polymer clay.


Margot Ensink said...

Wonderful!! I love this period and style.

Sans! said...

I think he's a really fine gentleman although maybe he may want to consider powdering his wig a weeeeee bit more? :) Just kidding.

Lovely lovely costume! He's marvellous!

The Old Maid said...

He is fantastic! Love his clothes! Beautiful work!:)

Roz & Aidy said...

He is wonderful and the costume is perfect for him ;)

Federbärchen said...

Hallo Christine
Dein Lord ist ein Prachtexemplar, einfach nur wunderschön!
Und ja, er sieht wirklich gut aus :-)! Das Kostüm ist der Hammer! Dickes Lob!
Viele Grüße von Claudia

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Beautiful work :) His costume is gorgeous!

Victoria ♥

CWPoppets said...

Vielen Dank! Thank you!
Sans, I was discussing the wig issue with Lord Oglesby. I was all for a powdered (white) wig but he insisted on the black wig as white wigs are horribly old fashioned. You see, I'm the slave of my dolls and alway's do what they want.;-)

Ascension said...

Realmente fantastico!!!!!
Me encanta como lo has vestido.
besitos ascension