Tuesday, November 2, 2010

weekend in Arnhem

Last weekend I exhibited in Arnhem, Netherlands. It was the first time for me. And even so I'm still a poor artisan I did enjoy it thoroughly. People always left my stand with a smile or a chuckle when they saw my cannibal, the church scene or Lorelei retired and even in my wildest dreams didn't I expect so much positive reaction to all of the things I've created in the last months.
One evening there was a buffet organized and we met a lot of nice miniaturists (well, I think there are no other miniaturists other than nice ;-)). And I finally met Roz and Aidy aka lilyelf .
And then there was the best finale ever: I won a dollhouse! Can you believe it! I never win anything even so I always buy raffle tickets. You can imagine my surprise when someone told me I should go check the winning table. There were a lot of small things and in the middle there was this sweet little house. And it had my number on it! I must have danced through the hall. At least people looked at me like I've gone nuts.
I love it! I was already looking into buying some roombox for my Tudor bed. As neither my hubby nor me are good with woodworking I alway's buy roomboxes ( I do have a big 8 room house but little hope that I ever will finish it). This little house is perfect in size and I can hang it onto the wall.
Does anybody know what these two wooden panels in the house are? I thought these are doors or room dividers but they neither fit in lenght or height. Any comment would be appreciated.
 My stand
 I've even made a banner. Very professional don't you think ? ;-)
 A huge fair with 200 stands!
 View from our hotel. It's the Rhine River.
My little house


The Old Maid said...

Glad to hear you had wonderful time there :) Congrats on winning dollshouse - lucky you!!:) Don't know what that panels are they do look like doors;)

Roz & Aidy said...

It was wonderful to meet you and your lovely husband - it may not have been Dubai as we first thought but we will get there one day I am sure lol. Your dolls are just such characters and it is impossible to see your stand without smiling at them all. We had a great time on the meal out and I have not laughed so much for a long time! Congratulations again on winning the house - the best person won ;) Take care and hope to see you soon xx