Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This and That

I haven't posted for a long time. Or so it seems to me. Last Sunday we made a little trip to Austria to watch the "Almabtrieb". I've been looking for a translation and found this: ceremonial driving down of cattle from the mountain pastures into the valley in autumn. The farmers adorn their cows with sometimes, huge bells and flowers. I didn't expect it to be so loud. The walk down the mountains for about seven hours keeping themselves warm with selfmade schnaps. And whenever you stand in their way you have to drink it, too. I have the unlucky habit to always stand in peoples way. Oh boy ... I don't like that stuff.
The following Sunday we went to Austria again. This time I wanted to see the "Eurodoll" which takes place in Bregenz. There were only a couple of doll artists and the contest was rather disappointing. I thought about participating next year but don't think I will do it. At least we had a nice stroll in Lindau and enjoyed ourselves.
I also finished another doll. My son loves him but I'm not that happy. Well, the next one is much better. Just need to take some pictures.


Ascension said...

Parece que lo pasasteis bein , me alegro mucho, las fotografias son preciosas, gracias por el relato y la informacion.
Seguro que si vas a esa feria el año que viene tendras mucho exito, porque haces unos trabajos increibles.
No solo tu hijo se ha enamorado de tu personaje, yo tambien.
Es fantastico, enhorabuena.
besitos ascension

dora said...

It is a pleasure to return to enter in your blog.
After a period of time, away from the minis, again with renewed hopes.
A greeting, Carmen kisses