Thursday, July 29, 2010

nutty professor

I gave my nutty professor a body. It was quite a learning experience but I finally get the knack of doing clothes bodies. He is huge - 27 cm - compared to my usual dolls. But the nice thing is that he can be posed. I think I will try some more, maybe even in 1/10th or 1/12th scale.


Ascension said...

Es una verdadera maravilla!!!
Uno de tus mejores personajes, me encanta, se ve tan natural.
besitos ascension

::: PetitPlat Food Art ::: said...

he looks great!
I really want to try my hand on dolls, but the time is always missing!

Sans! said...

OOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Your Nutty Professor is a hoot ! But a truly wonderful one. I LOVE IT! And I have always like posable dolls :) I love his eyes behind the glasses, he really looks like he's on the alpha level (dazed and crazed) and a real intellect and his yellow pants made him the eccentric he is. His goatee reminds me of a dear friend ..haha!

Congratz on a very successful creation :).

CWPoppets said...

Thank you, ladies! Your comments mean a lot to me.
I'm sure you would make really good and way more perfect dolls than me, Stephanie judging from your lovely food miniatures.