Thursday, July 22, 2010

Clothes Dolls or "Big Bad Wolf" or "Puss in Boots"

Two month ago I signed up for an online class with Peggy Wilson. In this course one was supposed to create an elder elf. So here I am trying to get a knack on how to make clothes dolls.
First we started with the head. As you can see this is definitely not an elder elf but rather an african woman.
So next we created the body. So far so good. This one looked pretty much as it was supposed to look. Next came the hands. How anybody can turn tiny fingers is beyond me. I butchered them and they went right into the garbage bin. 
My next idea was to make head and hands out of polymer clay. 
And once again it doesn't look like an elder elf.
Next I started dressing my nutty professor (he looks like one, don't you think?). After I've finished dressing the clothes body I had to admit that the head and the body don't fit together. So I started yet another head. And here is the finished doll. "Big bad wolf" or "Puss in Boots". You decide ! I'm done with it ! LOL


The Old Maid said...

I love the nutty professors head!

Ascension said...

A mi personalemente me encanta la cabeza del profesor, te ha quedado genial!!!
besitos ascension

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Wonderful creations, all! Your elder elf/African woman is wonderful!


CWPoppets said...

Thank you all! Have to make some bodies for the heads, I guess. :-)