Thursday, April 15, 2010

3D miniature pictures

Two weeks ago I've been in sewing mood with the result of some pet beds. My goal was to put some dogs and cats on there. Why did I ever think that sculpting animals is easier and faster than sculpting humans or devils ? I will spare you the photo of the poor little creature that should have been a sleeping dog. After the poor little guy was buried in my trash can I thought I would take it slow and start with the head. And as I do have these lovely little silver frames it looks just to funny. After that I had to make a nose and a hand. Hmm, there are still ears and eyes ... Everything is in 1:12th scale of course.
Here my collection of 3D pictures:


Ascension said...

Ha sido una gran idea, quedan muy orginales!!!!
El de la nariz, me encanta.
Me volvere a pasar, para ver oido,boca.........
besitos ascension

hannajaleijona said...

Oh wow, the nose is just wonderful!

I saw the dog and the hand at Etsy just now and they look great, but the nose!!!! Charming!


CWPoppets said...

Thank you Ascension and Hanna. I must admit the nose is my favorite too. That's why I'm not selling yet.

Ascension said...

Si no lo he entendido mal, quieres hacer un intercambio no?
Que es lo que te gustaria?
Porque, tu modelas fenomenal y me parece que no necesitas que yo te haga nada jejejeje, si acaso me puedes enseƱar tu jejejejeje
besitos ascension

CWPoppets said...

Hi Ascension,
yes I would really like to swap with you. If you would make me these lovely bougainvillea with the colibri. Maybe there is something you would like to have in my etsy shop ? Or do you want something I could make for you ?