Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New horns for Krampus !

I'm selling my dolls and miniatures through etsy for quite a while. And I must say I really enjoy the flair there. Most people are either doing handmade things themselves or they really appreciate handmade things.
Either way, I met a lot of interesting people there and I love to shop there myself.
Two days ago a collector of Krampusse ( I didn't even know someone does collect them) told me that she likes my Krampus and if I could make more traditional horns for him. As they are removable, I said yes and scoured the Internet for ideas.
There are so many forms I couldn't decide for one so I made two pairs.
She was so right. He looks a lot better with the longer, more bent horns, don't you think ? 

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Peach Blossom Hill said...

Oh, my goodness! He is quite wonderful! I am going to have to Google him as I'm not familiar with him!

I enjoy Etsy too--just wish I could create faster and list more between work and three children.