Tuesday, January 5, 2010

down dog ip2

So, here she is with hands and feet and a head. I'm quite satisfied with her, except the right foot isn't firm on the ground. That's because the fingers of her right hand moved while baking. While baking I always lay them on a bed of polyester filling. If they are bigger I support them with formed wire on some places. Usually this method works. But now and then something shifts or droops while baking. I need to be more careful how I position the figures while baking, I guess.
I will do the hand again and try to finish her till the end of the week.

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Nesca said...

Oh, i cant wait to see her finished ! I have never seen a doll in yoga position, very oroginal idea and you are doing great job on her !
and fingers problem... oh.. i trully understand.. i used to break all my dolls fingers all the time... i find fimo more flexible and stronger than prosculpt.