Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Koerperwelten / bodyworlds

Yesterday I've been to an exhibit called "Koerperwelten/bodyworlds". I don't know how well known it is in the world but here in Germany - where it actually comes from - there is a lot of controversy going on about it. It's a display of preserved bodies or bodyparts, human and animals.
I was thinking quite a while about whether or not to go. It was somewhat disconcerting to see these bodies thinking they were once breathing living humans. But it was their wish to be seen like that. And for me it was absolutely interesting to see a body like that. All these different views of a body.
I can really recommend going there ...
The picture is not from the exhibit it is from one of my sculpture's. I intend to make a cold bronze casting with it.

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St├ęphanie Kilgast said...

Oh yes, I saw that exhibition! (in Berlin)
It's wonderful! I must admit I didn't feel uncomfortable at all when I was there, since I'm used to see similar museum but with stuffed animals, or dinosaur skeletons.
And it was sooo interesting! Seeing all those little cuts and the bodies were all so splendid!
We bought the book at the end as well :)