Thursday, July 16, 2009

my brand new oven

... arrived today. I've been browsing the internet for hours to find a decent, big and not to expensive oven. I haven't used it yet but I think this one is perfect. My old one was really small and concave. So, whenever I had a full body sculpted doll with legs or arms going in different directions I had problems with burns. This won't happen here. Only forgot to buy a oven thermometer (very important!).
I hope I can soon make some heads or other project between renovating our house and being to tired because of 2-year-old. Oh, how I look forward to September and kindergarten.
As this actually should be a blog about my "poppets" I've thought I would add a picture of one of my older dolls, the medicine man's apprentice. I made this one last year. The rhino is made with air drying clay. The doll is polymer clay.
More information can be found here ://

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