Friday, May 29, 2009

I have been tagged !

I have been tagged by Mike. Mike is doing wonderful 1:12th scale turnings. I'm the proud owner of a bowl and a vase he made. You can find him at
Ok, so this was the first part.

The second part says that I have to list 6 unimportant things that make me happy:

1. Reading a book
2. Walking in the forest with my dog
3. A good glass of wine
4. Finishing one of my dolls
5. Having a cup of coffee early morning in my bed (with my son trampling all over me)
6. Having my cat sitting on my lap and my dog at my feet (but that's not unimportant, is it?)

Now comes the part with the "tag 6 other people". Well, I don't think I will do this. Even if I risk not getting any tags or awards or such things anymore. First of all I really don't have time (11 days till the big move). Second I'm not sure if people are really enjoying this tagging game anymore. It costs a lot of time and I've heard some blogger complaining about it already. So no tagging. I hope you'll forgive me !

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